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Scholarship Program Recipients

In 2015, UTOUG started it's Women In Tech Scholarship Program. We are so proud of all of our recipients!

  Happy Shandilya

Happy Shandilya grew up in a remote village in India. She is currently enrolled in the Masters in Information Systems program at University of Utah and graduating in 2016.

Happy’s dreams to create a startup in the remote village which she grew up in in India is very inspiring. She hopes to inspire girls to think in innovative ways and “come out of the kitchen” to implement their ideas. She loves technology because it’s for everyone and has no boundaries, including the local India village women who can use smartphones to access videos to help others with healthcare and other ways of life.

Happy is proud that she’s reached a position where she has access to the best knowledge and technology. She says that no matter what happens she is all set to inspire those girls in her remote village.

  Sarah Patterson

Sarah Patterson attends Utah State University and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. After graduating in 2016, Sarah would like to become a database administrator or business intelligence engineer, and possibly move up to CIO some day.

Sarah says it’s extremely satisfying to successfully solve problems and know that it’s helping other people do their jobs at the same time. She loves the problem solving element of technology.


Emily Cookson

Emily Cookson is in the Masters of Information Systems program at BYU, graduating in 2016. Her capstone project is focused on recruiting women into the Information Systems Program, as well as providing resources to them.

She is the co-president of the Association for Information Systems BYU Chapter. She wishes to work as a Data Scientist upon graduation where she’ll get the opportunity to perform advanced analytics on large data sets, investigate trends and patterns in that data, and challenge myself to understand the why behind the data.

Emily says that she loves the feeling of coding and not knowing where the time has gone!

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