UTOUG Training Days 2019 Tracks


APEX is one of our biggest SIG groups at UTOUG. This group wants to learn about new features and how to do things better in APEX. They also want to learn about those features that they probably are not using but should be.


Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing track focuses on creating insights from data. On the Data Warehouse end, we discuss a wide range of topics from data warehouse implementation and maintenance to ETL processing tools and procedures. Our members also present on Business Intelligence, these sessions discuss reporting tools as well as ways to display the data to tell stories or show trends.

Beginner (Tips & Tricks)

One of UTOUG's big focuses this year is incorporating more content for students and junior level professionals who are still learning these tools we use. This track will be beginner level content to help introduce the audience to the database or any of the other tracks.


Currently our DBAs are concerned about performance, security, and cloud. Some of our members are still on 11g databases and they want to hear lessons learned in the upgrade to 12c. Others are considering what it will take to move to the cloud or how to manage an autonomous database. No matter what version or where their database is hosted, we are all concerned about the security of our systems. 


The Development track focuses mostly on SQL and PL/SQL but we are not limited to that. Attendees of this track are interested in learning about new ways to do things. JSON, Open Source, Docker, DevOps, etc. are all topics we are curious about.


UTOUG is starting a new SIG group for MySQL users and developers; this track will cover all aspects of MySQL.

Other Topics

Presentations in this track could include any of the following: Hyperion, Moving to the Cloud, Professional Development, Miscellaneous.

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